Family Heirloom Cookbook

This gift idea is particularly good for wedding showers or housewarming gifts, but could be given for almost any occasion.  I made my mom one for Mothers Day.

You can really put any recipes you like in this book, but for a bridal shower especially, it is nice to plan ahead and collect recipes from the bride’s entire network of family and friends and even the groom’s family and friends if you have access to their phone numbers or see them at all.

If you are making the gift for your mom, friend, or another family member as a birthday or mother’s day gift, you can gather her favorite recipes and put them in one place.  I don’t know about your mom, but my mom had her favorite recipes in several different places.  I just took her favorites and most used recipes and compiled into one place.

Cookbook details & supplies needed:
*Index box with recipe category cards
*Full sheet recipe pages
* 3 x 5 or 4 x 6 recipe cards.
*3 x 5 or 4 x 6 photo pages, depending on size of cards chosen.  Best to use pages that place the cards all in one direction.  (not pages with 5 slots that are various directions).  You can also use the full sheets with sticky backing, and place 2 or so cards per side.
*binder to put plastic photo pages in.
*Printer and printer ink if you choose to print the cards or pages on the computer.
*Cardstock for recipe cards if you choose to print your own.
*Pens of your choice for writing recipes by hand.
*If you make a book on the computer, a nice touch would be to include a jump drive or a cd containing all the files.  If they were computer literate, they could this way add to their own cookbook if they got new recipes from people.

You can either write the recipes by hand or type them up onto the computer.  You can use either index cards or a cookbook template or make your own in a word processing software if you are good with computers.

I had a friend who made a cookbook for someone and at the top of each recipe gathered she also put a picture of the person who submitted the recipe.  This would take a lot more work but I thought it was a very nice touch.  You could still collect more than one recipe from each person and just put the persons photo at the beginning of the recipes they wrote.  This makes it a little more “family heirloom-y” type of project and is probably great for mothers and grandmothers.  But also good for new brides or anyone.

Sources for free recipe cards & sheets:–1356/printable-recipe-cards.asp

Places to purchase supplies:
Walmart or Target
Michael’s craft store


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I live in Wisconsin with my husband and love to travel around the state. I like anything frugal related including getting free things with coupons and saving money on travel and entertainment. I am also an avid crocheter. My blogs reflect my interests.
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