Cross Stitch Bookmarks

Cross stitch bookmarks are quick and easy to make.  They probably cost around $10 for supplies, and that is initially if you have to buy a pattern book too, which is a one time expense.  Here are some good resources for making cross stitch bookmarks.  The actual bookmarks if you own pattern books probably only cost about $5 to make!

Pattern books:
Bookmarks Abloom: 50 State Flowers –Leisure Arts
Bookmarks for Everyday–Stoney Creek Collection
Bookmark Mania I–Jeanette Crews Designs
Bookmark Mania II–Jeanette Crews Designs
Bookmark Mania III–Jeanette Crews Designs
Bookmark Mania IV–Jeanette Crews Designs
Bookmark Mania V–Jeanette Crews Designs
Bookmark Mania VI–Jeanette Crews Designs
Bookmark Mania VII–Jeanette Crews Designs
Bookmark Mania VIII–Jeanette Crews Designs
Bookmarks for All Occasions–The Needlecraft Shop
Bookmarks for the Seasons –Leisure Arts
Bookmarks Galore
Bookmarks from the Psalms
Bookmark Treasury
Fantastic Bookmarks
Floral Alphabet Bookmarks–Jeanette Crews Designs
Hold That Thought — Leisure Arts
Pretty Bookmarks — Leisure Arts
Quick to Stitch 1
Quick to Stitch 2
Quick to Stitch 3
Very Victorian Boookmarks–Jeanette Crews Designs

Unfortunately these books are quite difficult to find at libraries, and I had no luck getting them to order any either.  They said these do not keep well in libraries.  The good news is most of these books cost $5 or less.  Here are some places to purchase these books:

You can also purchase individual bookmark patterns here:

And for supplies, such as floss, blank bookmarks, etc. you can go to Michaels or Joann Fabrics craft stores.  Also some online resources that carry supplies are:

Very Victorian Boookmarks–Jeanette Crews Designs

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  1. We have a great selection too. Come see us!!
    Julies Cross Stitch

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